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About Us

Business Concept:

Worldwide constant increasing demand for cooled storage safe transport system led the foundation of this business concept. The traditional cold storage logistic is rather more costlier and time consuming. And also it is not easy to handle without proper training / Guidance. The primary aim of Tempcool Shipper is to provide Best, Affordable and Reliable solution for safe transport of Cold Storage goods ( Pharmaceutical, Biotechnical, Electronic Goods, Industrial Adhesive and Varnish Industry etc)

The Traditional (Passive) Cold Storage industry use Dry Ice as the basic element for cooling. Here we take pleasure in pointing out advantage of our Innovative and economical Tempcool Cooling System.

Temp Cool shippers developed packaging system that can be used with normal water ice and also is designed in a manner that allows an efficient use and storage by not having to be assembled before actual use( Flat pack principle).

The effect achieved is an substantial reduction of transport and storage cost( for sender), Under Tempcool range of products have standard solutions for different sizes as well as different cold chains. Due to our product being well designed , we are able to customize out Temp cool to suit your very own requirements.

The packaging systems are developed and designed particularly to fit in with the customers processes  and procedures ( purchase storage and transport systems). We adhere to you that there will be an significant savings in total costs and greater dispatch efficiency .

Our Vision: –

We dedicate ourselves to provide affordable products. Quality and innovation cold chain logistic solutions in the market to our clients. We believe in evolving ourselves as one of the leading assembly and manufactures in this fast growing industry in India .We believe in responsible industry leadership, creating profitable growth harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship.